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Hi Everybody,  and welcome to this site.Dudley & Sabina

We have felt it necessary to create this, as we are being asked many questions on spiritual and psychic matters, and find ourselves typing the same answers many times to individuals wanting information or assistance  either by email or on Facebook,  and so decided to utilise the web to put up a Blog,  where we can post information on a variety of subjects … and of course take questions.

Please then feel free to comment  … post your own experiences or ask your questions, and we will effectively develop this Spiritual Information Site together.

Sabina and I work with many very high level Guides and Beings, so we have a sound knowledge in many areas which we want to pass on.   This does not mean however, that we think we know everything … we don`t, and we continue to learn something new every day.   So if a question is asked to which we do not know the answer ……  we will say so ….. check with our Guides and come back to you.

The whole point of this exercise as far as we are concerned is to pass on accurate information and advice.   There is so much incorrect information out there re spiritual and psychic issues and it is time to do what we can to address this problem,  especially as we now have a date direct from Source as to when this materialistically  minded era ends ……… 11th Nov 2015 ………… So there is no time to lose or waste now !!

So welcome …………. and let`s get started   …………


Dudley and Sabina H Hambleton

Warriors for the Light

Aura Chakra



This interview was given in May 2012 while I was taking a much needed week off from rebuilding Evolution, in Fore St, Exeter.

I was connected with Richard Waterborn by the successful authoress Keidi Keating, who kindly allowed me to use her telephone for the interview, to save me from having to drive all the way to Richard`s studio in Marbella.

This interview is with a commercial station, so there are commercial breaks.  To save you sitting through those, you can scroll along the bar to approx 8 minutes, to find the start of the interview.  Thereafter come in again at approx 19.30 … 30.28 ….. and finally at 47.38 if you want to avoid the commercials.

Richard Waterborn makes a reference to speaking with me again after the hour, but the recording the station put out after the show was only for this first hour, so the rest of it is lost.  However, there is enough here to give you a good idea of where I was with all of this at that time, which is interesting to hear, and interesting for me to hear again as well!

This interview is another example of the Universe at work with “coincidences” all over the place.

Connecting with Keidi first on Facebook, who just so happened to know Richard very well, me being pushed by both my Guides and those working with me on Evolution to take some time off as I was very stretched and overtired, the decision then to go to Spain, the idea of an interview, etc, etc, and then by doing so, I found many more clients in deep trouble with black magic coming forward, which in turn led me to neutralising huge numbers of dark players in many countries around the world!!

If you go with the flow and follow your intuition, you will allow amazing experiences into your life

Sabina and I took a small group to visit these ancient Dolmans on the 23rd March 2014.

As was the case with my visit while still in England to the West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill in Avebury, we quickly discovered that there were many trapped souls here needing to be assisted over the Light. So we connected with them and instructed the group at the same time, so they could experience something of what Rescue Work is all about, while these souls were being liberated.

One of the group decided to take these pictures as we were working, and you can see the energies whizzing around inside the Dolman! These were not visible to the naked eye at all, as it was very dark in there. The lady I am standing with was making a deep, personal connection in the Dolman as we were working, as she was connecting with a Past Life of her own and assisting a member of her own soul group to go over to the Light, which was a very moving experience for her.

“There are many worlds and realities………..  but if you refuse to open your mind, you will only ever see the one which you yourself inhabit”