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A Potted History for Dudley Hambleton

Dudley-AuraFor just on sixty years in this current lifetime, Dudley was blocked from knowing who he really is as a spiritual being, and then received his wake up call, which came as a massive surprise, which he actually did his best to ignore!

At the time, he was still the Managing Director of Concorde Copiers ( a company he founded in 1989 with his co director ) and was very happily working hard in the material world …. absolutely convinced that there was nothing more “ out there “.

The Wake Up call came in the form of having his Aura photographed …………… a whole set of so say “ coincidences “ made this unlikely event possible, and the people who took the photo became incredibly excited, when it came out White. “ We hardly ever see this “ they said and went on to say that he had done high spiritual work in many of his past lives, which Dudley dismissed at the time and went back to selling his photocopiers!

He was not to be let off so easily however, and for the next few weeks found himself on at least three occasions, being stopped in the street by perfect strangers …… each of whom repeated almost word for word what the Aura photographers had said !!

Then events which could only be seen as psychic started to happen to him ( things which those still locked into the material world would say are impossible ) and he found himself in a very confused state, with the logical half of his brain still saying it is all rubbish and the intuitive half saying …. OK … So how do you explain that then !!

He couldn`t ……… So he contacted one of those who had spoken with him and arranged a meeting to try to understand what he was suddenly being presented with ……. and the rest as they say is history !!

Having accepted that the psychic and spiritual worlds are every bit as real as this material world we inhabit ( which took about six months ) he was then on a fast track of relearning, remembering, reconnecting and being shown and given experience after experience in quick succession to get him back up to speed as fast as possible.

Rescue Work, Psychic Cleansing, Psychic Protection, Working with Crystals,Elementals, Power Animals, Spiritual Healing ……. and then another huge surprise, he discovered that he had the ability and the Light connections, to actually block and neutralise those misguided enough to work with negative energy / black magic, and to clear the dark energy away from those affected.

This was happening some six years ago, and he has steadily increased in knowledge and Light Power in the interim, so that he is now able to work successfully for the many clients around the world who have need of his services and gives talks and workshops on many aspects of psychic and spiritual work, as and when required.

Dudley-AuraDuring this time he was also given the task of resurrecting an ailing Spiritual Centre in Exeter called Evolution by his Guides, and having set to with a will, Evolution is now revitalised, with therapy rooms, a large and comprehensive shop with high quality vegetarian cafe, regular talks and sessions and with live music in the cafe on Saturdays!

Having brought Evolution back to life, and having finally come away from his company Concorde Copiers, Dudley was nudged again by his Guides to move to Spain. He does not speak Spanish, so this was a slightly scary move to make, but having agreed to make the move, as you would expect when these things are Guided , all is well and he was able to meet the love of his life Sabina ( who does speak fluent Spanish ) and who now works very closely with him in all of these psychic and spiritual matters.

Sabina is a therapist in her own right and a powerful player for the Light as well, so they compliment each other perfectly.

They pledged their Love to each other in a traditional Hand Fasting Ceremony on the 21st December 2013, in a beautiful woodland setting with a small stream and natural spring, and now know that this is the thirty first time they have been as husband and wife, they have so many Past Life connections with each other.



This is a trip down “Memory Lane” for me. Evolution as it was when I was there, with Merlin’s Cave in action.