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Psychic Cleansing and Psychic Protection

psyYou do not hear psychic cleansing mentioned anything like as much as psychic protection, but in my opinion it is almost as important, and the sensible way is to first cleanse and then protect yourself each time.

The reason I say this is that we all collect negative vibrations on our travels through the material world.  It is impossible not to, and so if you do not clear these away from you, you simply end up carrying more and more of this negative “smog” around with you.  And if all you do is keep protecting yourself, you are actually protecting this “smog” as well!

This is quite apart from being actually attacked with black magic / negative energy.  Obviously much stronger protection is required in these situations, but simply by going to work or by just moving around with others, some of their fears, worries, trauma`s, etc rub off onto you.  We are all immortal spiritual Beings, having many human lives via reincarnation, and psychically we cannot avoid connecting with each other.  If you work on becoming more in tune with the spiritual side of who you really are, you will find it becomes harder and harder to go into a large city, crowded shopping mall, etc as the fear and negativity emanating off the majority of the people scurrying about becomes more and more difficult to hold away from you, especially if you enter when psychically unprotected.

So, how do we psychically cleanse ourselves?

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed, when I was doing this regularly some years ago, I made this cleansing and then protecting a part of my bathroom routine so I would not forget.  So I would wash the human vehicle first and then go straight into the cleanse / protect sequence.  And did so both morning and evening.  Many of us are very active psychically in the Astral overnight while the human vehicle sleeps, and if you suspect you are one of these, then you need to be protected as well as you can manage in the night, as there are plenty of unpleasant dark forces out there waiting to make your acquaintance.

A fascination here for me, was the discovery that it was taking much longer to cleanse myself in the morning than in the evening.  Clearly I was collecting much more negative energies in the night than during the day ……. The complete opposite of what I was expecting!

psy2So, stand with your arms by your side, close your eyes and visualise a dark rock or ledge above your head.  Some of us have difficulty visualising something, so it may help to recall a waterfall you are aware of and see yourself standing beneath the flow of water, because when you have the image as strongly in your mind as you can manage, mentally switch on the flow, and you are then standing under a shower of golden water.  Connect mentally with your spiritual Guides, and ask them to wash away for you anything which is not yours, you don`t want it or need it.

When you first try this you can be standing there for quite a time, there will be a lot to remove, but if you get into the habit of doing this everyday (and I suggest you do) it will only take a minute or so each time and you are clear.  Many people have a sense of a flowing movement across and down the backs of the hands and down the fingers, and sometimes from the souls of the feet, as this psychic cleansing is taking place.

If you are one of those who cannot feel anything in these situations, then focus your mind, ask for this to happen and trust and believe that it is working ….. because it will be.

You will soon find that you establish with your Guides a signal to tell you that you are finished.  For me it was a sharp intake of breath suddenly but it can be anything.  A tickling on the shin, a touch on the head, whatever, it just lets you know to move on to the psychic protection.

Given that all energy is useful, and can be given either a negative or positive intention, I would often slip back into part of my Shamanic self and offer these energies flowing off me the Mother Earth, to use as she saw fit and you of course could do the same.

There are other techniques of course, this is only one, but it works well and is simple.  I know of others who would see themselves diving into a clear pool and washing negativity away in there, or spinning the energy away from themselves and upwards to Father Sky, it doesn`t matter which technique you use, it is a question of finding which one works best for you.   And the more you do it, the quicker and easier it gets of course.

This technique is also really useful sometimes during the day.  Something has occurred at work which has stressed you, or you have had an encounter with someone being really rude and unreasonable in a shop, or whatever.  Most of us would just carry this negative anger and frustration around with us for hours, probably then speaking too sharply to someone ourselves, by still being wound up by the encounter.  Far better I would suggest, to find a quiet place and just get under the waterfall and release and let go of the tension.  It takes only a minute or so, and you can then sail through the rest of your day in a much more relaxed mood.

So, the psychic cleansing is finished and we go straight into protecting ourselves.  There is no need to move from the cleansing position, so the one action follows straight on from the other and the speed of the protection and also the power of it, are determined by you.  As before, the more often you do this, the quicker and more powerful you will become, as you learn to focus your mind more and more..

So much psychic work is based on focused intention.  The mind is massively powerful … we really are the creators of our own experience through the power of our thoughts.  Whatever we focus on we energise, so if you think negatively you will bring more negativity into your experience …. Think positively and you attract more positivity into your life …. Like attracts Like …….. it is one of the Laws of the Universe.

But I digress …. Psychic Protection.psy1

Again the basic process is very simple.  You are going to put yourself inside an egg or eggs or bubbles of energy, so you are completely inside the energy field you mentally create.   As many as you decide and feel you need.  Remember that at this stage you are on the first rung of the ladder as it were, so if you feel that you are being subjected to a psychic attack, you would expect to have to create many layers around yourself, and refresh them frequently.  If your attacker is too strong for you to deal with, then you need someone like me to tackle them for you while you are learning, I have many people in different countries in this position but it is all a question of steps along the way and we all have to start somewhere.

Again there are different techniques and you will discover which works best for you.  One is to visualise a spiral of energy coming up and around you from beneath your feet and closing over as it goes above your head.  Another is to create a bubble of energy in front of you and to then open a door in it and step inside, closing the door behind you.  One lady at a workshop said that she would use a pyramid shape in this way and step inside it, as she liked the power of the shape.  No problem at all but make sure you remember to give it a floor, or you have a huge hole in your protective energy field!

This principle is the same as protecting your house, car, etc.  Everything must be inside a bubble or it is no use.  I learned this some years ago (the hard way of course) attempting to protect a lady from the attacks of what then seemed to me to be a powerful black Wizard.  He would keep projecting a psychic image of himself into her house and no matter how many layers of energy I put over it to block him, he was still getting in and scaring her.  But I was thinking too much as in the material world and putting domes of energy over it.  To me a house finishes just below ground level, so I was using domes of energy.  As soon as I “realised” (more likely my Guides gave me the thought) and put powerful bubbles / spheres of energy right around the whole thing, garden as well, he was blocked and she could get some sleep.

It is all a learning and fascinating, something new every day.

Another technique and the one I used myself, is to visualise a thin wheel of energy passing from behind you directly over your head, down in front of you and under your feet coming up behind you and over your head again.  Quite thin, like a bicycle tyre. We will talk about the colours to give these energies in a while but once you have this wheel of energy running strongly, you then see/ visualise the front of the wheel in front of you suddenly come around like a wall and join the part of the wheel behind you, while the back half does the same and comes around to join up with the part at the front.   For me I saw the front go around past my right shoulder and the back come around past my left shoulder, but whatever works for you is fine, the important thing is that it is complete with no holes or gaps and that you are completely inside it.

If you are using this technique, and want more layers, then mentally go out a few inches or centimetres and repeat the process as often as you wish.

Initially you will need more layers as your mental powers will not be that strong, but as you go on with this work, you will in a blink of an eye, be able to create something hugely powerful but not this week.

As far as colours are concerned, and it is a good idea to give these protective energies colour, as a start I would suggest you go for dark blue and then once the energy field is created, fleck it with gold.  The associated crystal here is Lapis Lazuli, so you could carry or wear a piece of this as well but these colours for me associate with the Archangel Michael (whose main task this time around is protection) and so you could call on his support as well, especially as you are psychically wearing his colours.

Other colours can of course be used, I used to put a layer of white light around myself as well and also one or two layers of pink quite often.  The colour of Unconditional Love, Rose Quartz relates well here, and is an interesting energy, as it is used both for healing and also to block the efforts of many lower level witches and wizards with great success.

Each of us also has a personal colour which is a more powerful colour for us to use in this work but clearly that can only be established on a one to one basis, and sometimes it is dark blue of course.

Pink energy can also be used to put around people or floated into a space to calm situations down, and again, if your focused intention is powerful enough it really does make a difference.

Energy fields can be made permanent by setting up crystal grids and connecting the energy fields you create to them but this would need detailed instruction perhaps over Skype as if not done correctly at each stage, all you have is a group of pretty crystals.

Finally I would say a little more regarding focused attention.  This is the basis of the majority of psychic work, and so the power of your mind / concentration and focus, very much determine and initially limit, the force you can achieve when working psychically.  So it is not wise to attempt to create energy fields for protection when feeling very tired for example, as unless you make a supreme effort, the end result will not be very impressive or powerful.

This is the main reason why I was suggesting earlier that you psychically cleanse and protect yourself twice a day.   For a time, you will not be able to create as strong an energy field as you might ideally want, so by refreshing it twice a day, you keep it as powerful as you can make it, which gives you the maximum protection you can manage and by putting more than one layer around you, you are then doing all you can to both protect yourself and enhance your skills.   Do not be afraid to put some emotion into this work.  Your thoughts and emotions are very powerful, so if you sense a psychic attack, it is ok to feel “How DARE you!” and really put some energy into the protection you create to block it.

Tackling those who work with the dark arts is called Warrior Work,  I am happy to teach this as well but it is not a path for many and I am very careful who I instruct.  A simple desire to get involved is not sufficient.  This is tough and sometimes physically painful work when you take attacks from large, powerful groups, the discomfort of which you have to be able to override in your mind and stay focused, keep steadily working, sometimes for several hours at a time at full concentration in order to be able to defeat them.   If any fear creeps in, you are in BIG trouble, so hence the caution in who to accept and train but it is immensely rewarding work and fits brilliantly with working with healing energy, as you have the knowledge and skills to remove any dark energies around your client (neutralising those attacking at the same time to take them out of the game) and then the client gets the full benefit of the healing energy you beam to them.  Great stuff!

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