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Rescue Work

rescue_workRescue Work is the business of connecting with lost and confused souls, who are stuck too close to the Earth plane after human death, not knowing where to go.

The truth is that we are all Spiritual Beings having many human experiences via reincarnation,  so many, many souls get stuck because their religion teaches them that they have only one life and then to simply wait for some resurrection at a date not specified.

Others get stuck for a variety of reasons.  Unfinished business is common, a soul feels it has to stay close to those it associated with when “alive” but finds it can actually achieve very little once in spirit.  Suicides nearly always get stuck (they are in a very confused state already) and many of them have the added problem of thinking that they are still in their human body, which adds even more confusion.   Sudden death is another cause, and again many who die very suddenly, think they are still in their human vehicle, so they have to be convinced first that they are now in spirit, before they are willing or ready to pass through to the Light.

Those who die in a coma often think they still have their human vehicle around them, I have assisted many of these and a lot of them simply go home …. much to the concern of those still living there. Especially if they have some psychic connection with the “deceased”, who can on occasion, give the living much grief when the “deceased”  person`s effects are being moved, as the living space is changed to suit those still living there.   “Why are you moving my bed out of my room” for example, and the personality stays the same on human death, so a forceful person in “life”  is going to be just as powerful when back in spirit!!

rescueSouls who are looking for help, and there are huge numbers of them, can connect with us in a variety of ways.  When I first became involved in this work, the initial contacts were made through my sense of smell.  So I was psychically smelling spices, tobacco smoke, old dusty books, etc, depending on the soul in question, but if this is one of your ways of connecting, you will always find that the smell is relevant to that soul.  The clue is that you get the smell in unusual surroundings but it smells absolutely real.  You really are smelling spices, cigarette smoke or whatever …. it is not sort of like it, it is exactly like it,  amazing but if you experience it, you will know what I am saying is true.  Others will go cold, tingly, feel they are being watched, the lights may go on and off, the TV or Radio can be switched on or off, a picture falls to the floor (probably of them) you may feel a gentle touch,  you hear voices, it all depends on how you are “wired” psychically as to how they may make you aware that they are there, but once understood this does not need to be scary.

We fear the unknown and part of the reason for creating this blog is to explain in simple terms what is going on, who we really are, etc, so that we can all embrace the spiritual aspects of who we really are, and move forward in a more enlightened way.

There is of course the Dark Side and this will be explained and covered too, but the vast majority of the “ghostly” contacts are from the likes of you and me without the human vehicle.  They need help and are coming to you for assistance.  If you were totally lost in some foreign city, you would hope to get help and that is how they feel, they resonate with your energy and approach you for assistance.

Initially, your Guides will only present you with souls who know they are in spirit but don`t know where to go.  These souls are really easy to help, and will be over to the Light in thirty seconds.  As you progress, you will be given souls who think they are still alive in human terms to deal with.  Not a problem,  but some ingenuity is required sometimes to convince them that they are now in spirit. Theses souls I always ask “When were you last aware of a date” and then give them the month and year that we are now in.  This helps them to realise what has been going on ….. and there are other techniques we can discuss here as we start to take questions.

One problem for all of these souls is that once in spirit, they have no sense of time passing as we understand it here on the planet in our reality.  So potentially, they can be stuck for a very long time in Earth year terms, a huge waste of time for them as their spiritual growth is halted until they cross over into Non Physical Reality and have their “wash up” sessions with their Guides, and decide on the next human experience, which lesson or lessons to try and learn in this new life, etc.

So let us do what we can for them as they connect with us.

The process is very simple ………………… you literally move them over to the Light.

Connect mentally with the soul, and say (in your mind, there is no need for speech, unless you are working with others who need to hear what is going on) that you know they are there and can help them.  Ask them to bring to you any other souls they are aware of, in the same way as we know each other, so do they, and you can move quite large groups in this way which is much better for all concerned.

Ask them all to look around them, look above them and to look for a Light.  The chances are that they have seen it before but did not realise the significance of it.   The Light will be quickly seen, so suggest to them that they move toward it, making sure that no one is left behind, including any children or animals with them and you can confidently  say that they will see friends and relations there waiting to greet them,  because there always will be.   So tell them to go with their friends, and as they get closer to the Light, they will see it is coming through a portal or doorway, and all they have to do is pass through.

I always send them on their way with a blessing but that is up to you.

So that in its simplest form,  is Rescue Work, and VITAL for the souls concerned.   I have assisted souls who have been stuck for several thousand years when I have been guided to tune into some of the ancient burial sites, and to find souls who have been in this state for a mere few hundred years is very common.

So this really is vital and important work,  and of course wonderful positive Karmic points for you for getting involved, so another example of win / win!!

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