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A potted history of Sabina Habermaier Hambleton

At the age of 17, my psychic sight started to develop and I could see and sense the aura of the “Old Blue People of the Land “in the South West of England. I learned how to connect with souls, who were stuck in the Astral, screaming for help but was not given the actual key to liberate them;  and I was asking myself, if I do enough for those beings, I was already getting the sense, that I had much more to learn how to deal with these energies in “another reality”. Although , sometimes it felt weird,  I was not at all frightened of them, probably because I had read so many books from my father’s bookshelf dealing with the topic of “Life after Physical Death- Experiences “.  And if I would have understood the  concept of RESCUE WORK  (please read more in the section of Rescue Work), the business of connecting with lost and confused souls stuck in the Astral Plane, I would have felt much better, there were I was then. Today, at the age of 50 I am involved in sending souls over to the Light many times during the day.

I learned how to use a pendulum at the age of 15 but nobody told me why it would suddenly not work, or sometimes give confusing answers.

My professional studies brought me, in this life time, back into the world of energetic healing, so I went to study all sorts of techniques in this field. I learned Traditional Chinese Medicine, the MORA – Therapy, Therapy with Crystals and with Magnets of medium intensity, Colon-Cleansing, herbal treatments and diets, as well as the Classical Homeopathy. I also learned many manual treatment techniques, including massages, chakra balancing with my hands, and in Spain, my second chosen home since 1989; I had the opportunity to learn the Sacrocraneal Therapy, which helped me to better my psychic and empathetic approach to the patient.

For myself I choose now to go deeper into the NLP- related Techniques and Music-therapy.

During these 30 years of studying and working as a therapist, I was always searching for the best ways to perfect my techniques, to give clients a longer lasting effect of the treatment.

I realised that something was missing but at this time could not discover what it was.

The clue was shown to me when using the Hebrew Pendulum with clients. This fascinating tool will detect and show the presence of many things, including negative energy.  The label shows the word Magic if the client is suffering from an attack of Black Magic, but I was completely clueless as to how to deal with this problem. So I asked the Universe for help and assistance.

The solution came when I was connected again, ( we have many past life connections) with Dudley, who I discovered, was already working to great effect in this rather bizarre area, clearing clients all over the world of the effects of negative energy. He has taught me the processes of clearing dark energies and now I am able to provide the solution to many of these problems, myself.

Today I understand the need to clear the dark energies before a session of therapy is going to be performed, whatever kind of therapy it will be.

My experience has shown me, that the effectiveness of the therapy applied, for example healing energies, medications, etc,  will be immensely reduced by the presence of dark energies, as the dark energy quickly comes back again to the client, almost as soon as the treatment has finished.

So, since I have understood this effect, and have learned how to clear these dark energies and also how to neutralize those people who have send these dark energies, to prevent them from attacking again.  I am now very pleased to be able to say that I have the missing piece of the puzzle, and can therefore be much more effective in my treatments.

Furthermore, life is now very exciting. I share my life again with Dudley, and we are both connecting and working at a very high level, psychically and spiritually every day, with contacts and clients all around the world.



Sabina’s Aura Picture, channelled by José Antonio Martinez

aura_sabinaIt was in June 1991, when my Aura Picture was drawn by this extraordinary psychic person.

He wanted to come to my clinic and psychically “see”, how the therapies with my machines of Bioresonance actually work, and IF they would work?

So, one morning, he turned up in Órgiva, with a friend of his from Granada University Department of Physical Science.

Both were standing around me, while I was receiving a lymphatic cleansing program, and I do remember as clearly as if it were today, the expression on his face when he said “Goodness me, that works!  I can see it… a huge amount of light is beaming out of her body!   And please Sabina; bend your head a bit forward, to allow the blood to flow down through the skull”.   I did so and he carried on. “That’s right, well done… ohh; now the kindneys… does it feel hot there”?  “No, I said, no, I do not feel anything”…… Well, he carried on saying: “The kidneys have a huge amount of blood, as to activate their function, and I see how the clutter is removed. Immensely beautiful”…!!!  “You must be feeling an urge to go to the toilet to urinate very soon”!

Well yes, this actually was happening and as soon as the therapy was over, I had the urge to go to the toilet as he had said.

As he was leaving, José Antonio Martinez, this gifted Being, invited me to come and visit him with Juanito and with Pepe, as both were learners of the new techniques that I was using in my clinic.

So shortly after this day, we got ourselves around to see José Antonio in Granada, and we invited another friend of ours called Emilia, as Pepe, on short notice could not come with us.  We went up into the five story- building, where José Antonio opened the door for us to let us in, and he told me to sit at the table, and invited the others to sit on the sofas.

He stared at me, mumbled such things as “Amazing, I haven’t seen this before, could I please, would you mind, if I draw your AURA for you, Sabina”?   I was absolutely stunned, and said yes please.

In a matter of two minutes he had this picture done, while all the time exclaiming wondrous words.

He said that he had never seen such a beautiful and brilliantly clear Aura, and that it was a great honour and joy for him to paint it for me!

And here you see the result…..  Sorry, for the paper being a bit shrivelled… the years and many removals have gone by. ….. But now I realise what my dear friend José Antonio was so amazed by …. it is quite rare to have such a clear Aura and shows that, like Dudley, I have done serious spiritual work for the Light in many Past Lives.

I now totally understand what he tried to explain to me… but back then, I could not understand it completely.

So thank you so much José and thank you to all my friends who made this connection with José Antonio Martinez possible.