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Self Healing using Past Life Regression Techniques

Past LifeThe first time I became aware of this possibility, was when I was part way through the rebuilding and revitalising of Evolution, my spiritual centre in Exeter, Devon, England.

I started to have the most weird sensations in my nose and throat and could smell a rather unpleasant smell of burning, it was quite acrid and I could almost taste it as well.   It went on for some days, so I decided to take some time to investigate it from the busy schedule of Evolution and also checked with some of the psychics around me, to see what they got from their Guides.

We all got the same information and it was fascinating.  Suddenly the memory of a Past Life was surfacing and I was being given the opportunity to deal with it as a learning experience.  What I was sensing psychically (although the smells and tastes were very real to me) was the smell and acrid taste of being burned alive!

This happened in Genoa in 1574 and my then wife was burned alongside me.  I as it happened was innocent.  It was my wife who was dabbling in the dark arts at the time (a fact of which I was unaware) but this did not save me, so we were burned to death together.

So what do you do if you find yourself presented with a situation like this?

past1Most people if they realise the problem is psychic and not physical will seek out a Past Life Regression Therapist and be taken back into the life in question to safely revisit the experience, do the necessary work and then be brought back to the present time with the trauma left behind and dealt with.  I could have done this, as Julie (who is still at Evolution) is very skilled in this work but I  wanted to see if I could resolve this unexpected issue for myself.   I was fascinated and therefore prepared to try, with the thought of engaging Julie`s services if I failed.

So I set to work on the problem as I went about my duties at Evolution and began by forgiving everyone and everything involved in this drama back in 1574.   The forgiveness has to be genuine, if you are feeling any resentment or anger the process will not work, as true forgiveness is the key here.

So I forgave the person who reported us, those who judged us, the people who cut the wood to burn us, the wood itself, the person who lit the fire, the fire itself, those who came to watch us burn, etc, etc, but most importantly, remembered to forgive both my wife and myself as well.   This is very important.   If you ever have the need to do this work for yourself, you must forgive yourself for any part you played at the time, as well as forgiving all of the other people or aspects as well.

So I took it out as wide as I could, thinking of more who could and should be forgiven as I went,  and forgave and forgave over and over.  And after a couple of days of doing this every so often, the sensations started to reduce and after another week or so, the smells, etc were gone.

Wonderful, I thought and after a while almost forgot about it, as there was so much to be done for Evolution which was keeping me very busy.past2

But then, only a few weeks ago, my right foot and ankle suddenly became very swollen and painful.  The skin on my foot was almost transparent it was so stretched and had a shiny look to it, you had the impression that if it were pierced by a sharp object, it would split as it was under such tension.

The whole foot was incredibly sensitive and throbbing but there was a centre to the pain, which was on the outside of the foot just to the side of the ankle.

I knew that I had not physically damaged it in any way, so once again wondered if the problem was actually psychic and tuning in, I discovered that it was.

Two years have gone by since the experience at Evolution, so I am now able to connect with my Guides in a stronger and clearer way than was possible then and so was able to gather more information on the situation, discovering that once more, I was facing a trauma from a different Past Life.

A Native American life this time as an Oglala Sioux Warrior who died in 1835.   I discovered that I was being too “macho” and unreasonable to my young wife who had just recently given birth to a baby boy, and to give herself some peace and space, she went away from our village but walked too far away and was captured by a party of Pawnee, who took her as a slave back to their village.

When I learned of this, I went to the people of my village asking for a war party to try to rescue her but was told no.  Our village was much smaller than the Pawnee encampment, so our chances of success were small and people were unwilling to put themselves and their families in danger in this way.

So I set out on my own to attempt a rescue but was captured myself by the Pawnee and staked out in the centre of their village.  They decided to kill me slowly with poison and prepared a poison from Cactus which was then put onto the blade of a knife and one of the men stabbed me in the ankle joint, so I would be able to watch the swelling as the poison took effect,  exactly where I was experiencing the centre of the pain.

My wife saw me there as she was moving around the village but could nothing to assist me and so several days later, I died.

So I started the process of forgiveness again.  Forgiving the Cactus for providing the poison, those who made the poison, the knife, the maker of the knife, the man who stabbed me, the stake and ropes holding me, my villagers, the Pawnee, etc, and of course my wife and myself.   Almost immediately I felt some of the pressure reduce and as I kept repeating the process over the next few days it became a bit easier but I realised this was not going to be as quick or as simple as the Evolution experience.

I started beaming healing energy to my foot and ankle which again helped and Sabina did some therapy work on me as well.  All of which was helping but it was still very swollen and painful.

past3So Sabina and I discussed this, and remembered a technique we had learned some time ago where you invite someone to come to you psychically and sit with you by a bonfire to discuss your differences and hopefully agree to forgive each other and to go your separate ways without further grievance.

This technique is generally used to try to resolve problems with people still living.  An ex husband or wife, or a parent or sibling you could not get on with, etc to take away the sense of frustration or anger which you are still carrying and which is adversely affecting you as you progress through this latest life you are leading. …. You can choose to have someone to sit there with you and most of the time it works.

So I decided to adopt this technique and apply it to this Past Life situation.   It seemed correct to set the scene in an Indian encampment beside a river, so I visualised this and invited my wife to join me.   She came to me very quickly and forgave me very quickly as well, so the process did not take very much time at all and as I watched her paddle away in a canoe, I felt the pressure in my foot ease.

Over the next few days I kept going with more spiritual healing being directed at the area (and I could feel the effects of this as well) but it was still not clearing completely.

Sabina and I tuned into the situation again and suddenly realised that we knew who my wife was in that Past Life.  We had met her here in Spain and as she is quite spiritually aware, we thought to contact her, especially as we were now getting that this information would assist her as well.

So we invited her to visit us and when she arrived, we started to take her through the story.  She resonated with it very quickly, putting in more details as they came to her, and was initially not best pleased with me!

We explained that I was dealing with it and I showed her my foot which was now much reduced in size and showed her the point where the pain was centred, and that forgiveness was the key but initially she was not sure that she wanted to forgive me.  Psychically her Higher Self had done so without hesitation but it can be different at the human level.

Then she decided to show Sabina her right foot and explained that for years she has had severe pains there which no doctor could relieve, with the centre of the pain in exactly the same place as on mine!!

So now we knew why we were being told psychically that it was in the interests of the lady in question to be told about this.  We explained to her that forgiveness to everyone and everything involved was the key to relieving this pain for her and she went away with the thought of doing this to help herself.  We have not heard from her as to how she is getting on but would of course assist her with the process if she wants us to.

So there are several fascinating aspects to this.

One is how can a new human body carry the memory of a Past Life experience at all?  To be honest I am not quite sure myself but I think it is carried in our DNA and of course in the memory of our Higher Self, who we really are.

It is also very unusual to be able to meet the soul involved in that Past Life, my wife as she was then and discuss it with her in the flesh past4……………  and fascinating to find that she is carrying exactly the same pain / memory herself with no idea as to why.   Clearly she feels guilty at some level for wandering too far away from the village, although it was my attitude which caused her to do so.

You see why you have to forgive everyone including yourself in these situations.

With luck you will not have anything like this to deal with on your journey through this current life you are leading but if you do have a physical problem which the medical profession cannot do anything about, consider that it might be a Past Life issue and ask your Guides for their guidance and assistance in dealing with it.

You may be interested to know that my foot and ankle are almost completely recovered now but isn`t it amazing that as you progress spiritually things like this suddenly come to the surface and reveal themselves.  It really is like peeling away the layers of an onion, or opening up those Russian dolls within dolls, so much is hidden from us until the time is considered to be right for us to know.

It certainly keeps life interesting !


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