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Spiritual Healing

spiritual Healing,  the ability to concentrate and channel the energy which we are made from and which is all around us, and then direct it to the recipient who is in need of help, it is the oldest form of healing known to mankind.

Despite the posturing of those who want to make this sound a very complex process, like many other aspects of spiritual and psychic work, in its basic form, the process is very simple, and anyone can do it.

Of course, as you practise you become better at it, a clearer channel for the energy to pass through, etc …. but there is no great mystique at work here, the energy surrounds us, we are made from it and everything is connected to everything and everybody across a vast matrix of it, so all we do is focus the mind and direct some of it … quite simple actually.

So how do we begin.

You know and are probably with someone you want to beam healing energy to.  So have them either sit or lie down in front of you, however they are most relaxed and comfortable.   Then start to draw the healing energy through you … visualise it being as white light above your head and being drawn down into you as far as your heart chakra.

A simple breathing technique helps you to do this.  Take as deep a breath as you can and while you are breathing in, visualise the white light being drawn down into you.  Breathe out slowly and then take another slow, deep breath in, and draw in more of the healing energy.

spiritual copiaDo this as many times as you feel you need, but after six or eight breaths, most people will be feeling a tingling sensation  ( but do not worry if you can`t feel any change) we are all wired differently when it comes to psychic / spiritual work, and have to learn for ourselves how we connect, etc. Simply trust and believe that it is working,  because it will be.  Your intention is set to the task and the Universe will respond to that.

You bring the energy into yourself as far as the heart chakra, as from there, there are connections through the shoulders and down the arms to the hands, (The Healing Hands) and most of us direct the energy with our hands especially when learning.  So mentally allow the energy to flow down to your hands, and direct the healing energy to your friend who needs to receive it.

The Shamanic Tradition talks of the “Hollow Bone” which I did not understand initially when I first read it,  but I understand it now, as we are like a pipe or conduit when doing this work.  We open a healing channel of energy which flows through us, and then the spiritual Guides assigned to us step forward and use the energy we have concentrated and channelled to do the actual healing.

So it is not us who do the actual healing,  it is the Guides working with us.  Some people will say to me “I hear you are a powerful spiritual healer”  but I reply saying “Well, what I am really, is a very clear channel for healing energy” …. which is a much more accurate description of what is happening.  Yes there are more advanced techniques which we may go into as this blog develops, where we are actually doing some of the work, but the main healing is always done by the Guides and this is how it should be.  They can see what we cannot and know what needs to be and what can be done.

Someone may come to you with a bad elbow,  but if that “injury” is how they are paying off a Karmic Debt for example, then there is no way that you can or should even try to mend it,  as that would be interference in their pathway.

You can still offer healing energy to ease the problem, and while this is happening, the healing Guides will see what they can do in other areas to help the person concerned,  but it is folly to become driven by the ego and make out you are something you are not,  as sooner or later you will be in the position where you cannot affect something,  having boasted that you could.

Personally, I always check a new client psychically before commencing work,  so I know what I am dealing with, and any Karmic issue is always checked out as well,  so I know before I start where I am and what steps to take.

Given my ability to remove negative energies away from either people or properties, etc, the clients Guided to come to me will always be carrying negative energies / black magic around them and often their families as well, so I always start at this point, and deal with these issues first.  The healing energies then are much more effective, as they do not have to attempt to penetrate the  blanket of dark energy around the person, which will have the effect of diluting the power of the healing quite dramatically.

Anyone who only benefits from a healing session for a very short time is almost certainly carrying dark energy and needs to have this dealt with and cleared before any lasting healing and recovery can take place.   Voodoo is often the cause of illness / pain, etc and when the medical doctors cannot find anything wrong but you are in agony,  the problem will be psychic not physical,  and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

The argument that  “ IF I do not believe in it, it cannot affect me” doesn`t work.  If someone sets out to attack you psychically, then you are attacked.

See the section on Psychic Protection

However,  back to our healing session.  You will need to work out with your healing Guides as to when to finish.  Different “healers” get different signals,  for me when sending healing energy my hands buzz and tingle,  so when this sensation drops away,  I know that we are done and the Guides have done as much as they can in that session.

A person may need a number of sessions which is fine,  we can only absorb so much of this energy in one go, so arrange to meet and do it again.  You can also try Distant Healing, where the recipient is not with you.  The process is exactly the same but you focus your mind on the person you wish to help, and direct the energy to them, wherever on the planet they are.

Distance has no relevance when working in this way and there is NO time delay.  The speed of light is slow at this point.  If you want to send energy to someone on the other side of the planet to you, when you beam it across they receive it instantly,  fascinating isn`t it.

Two more points.

When you have finished the healing session, both of you need to drink some good quality water.  Working psychically in this way is rather like having a detox,  and you can both get a headache later, if you do not drink some water.

Also,  there is a bonus for you here,  as approx 10% of the energy you channel, you get the benefit of for yourself, so you both benefit.  I can attest to this personally, as I was beginning to get a few aches here and there some years ago and they are all gone, due to the amount of healing energy I have drawn through for others.

Wonderful isn`t it, by helping others you in turn help yourself, which is the way the world is supposed to work actually …. The Spiritual way of putting others interests before your own, and then the Universe will provide everything you need for yourself.

And you are earning positive Karmic points for yourself as well by doing this work …. so you win at this level as well ……………. Fantastic …………… how soon can you start!!

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