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The Law and Lords of Karma

the_lawMany years ago, before the advance of the huge controlling religions which we now see around the planet, people knew and understood that Reincarnation was the truth and also had a clear understanding of the Laws of Karma and understood why they were there.

This human experiment is unique in this Universe (which incidentally is teeming with life forms, who as one form of energy or another, do not require water to survive, any more than we do when we leave our latest human vehicle and become pure energy ourselves once more, at the point of human death) as we have been given the unique gift of Freewill.

This is of course something of a mixed blessing, as we can choose to either lead a Light or a dark life, each time we manifest into another human vehicle.  This choice is still necessary at this time in the human development cycle, as we very slowly return to our former position of being spiritually enlightened and in many ways the choice does not really matter too much, as ultimately all is experience, and we will all find our way back to the Light eventually.

But the Law and Lords of Karma were put there to encourage us the follow a Light path and go through these lives helping one another and putting the interests of others before our own, so we would have the benefit of Positive Karma and become enlightened much more quickly, to the point where we do not have to reincarnate any more into another human vehicle with all of its traumas and problems and lessons to learn, and can continue our spiritual journeys in other and much more pleasant realms and realities.

So how does it work?

I see the Lords of Karma rather as a group of very skilled and impartial book keepers.  They oversee and monitor our every move through these many lives we lead, and record when we have either assisted or harmed another soul on our journey.

So every action is recorded and we collect either Positive or Negative Karmic “points” as we go forward.   Great news if we are being kind and thoughtful because when we need some assistance  it comes … and very often from the most unlikely source, but that is their sense of humour at work!

Not such good news if we set out to harm and cheat others, and even worse news if you are misguided enough to think it clever to work with black magic to manipulate people and situations,  as the Law of Karma states that at least to the power of three, whatever you have generated Karmically will be revisited on you.

The when and how, etc is decided by them, and they can be and are very inventive,  but this Law is totally inescapable.  If you incur a Negative Karmic debt, then either in this life or at some future time, that debt will be paid and the books balanced  …. and ….. whatever you did to others …. you will be on the receiving end of at least a three times more unpleasant experience!!

So this Law is there to encourage us all to generate Positive Karma for ourselves but those who (currently) run the planet do not want this information to be public knowledge.  They might have a problem getting their soldiers to do their dirty work for them for example, and so basic information like this and the fact that we lead many lives via reincarnation is hidden and you are supposed to believe the teachings of their priests instead.

The good news is that once a Karmic debt is paid, it is paid.   You are free and clear to move on with your life but this is not so simple for those who are ignorant of this Law, as they will probably go and incur another Karmic debt if they do not change their ways.

I see many clients and am often told a tale of woe re their present circumstances.  Black magic is generally there to be cleared, as this is a speciality of mine these days, but often they are having relationship or other problems,  due to there being a Karmic debt to be paid, which comes as a big surprise to most of them, and I try to cheer them a little, by tuning into to how much longer it has to run, and telling them.

So I find myself explaining how this works and that it is better to smile sweetly and accept it, because if you cut and run from the situation, the Lords of Karma will simply present it again in some other form or set of circumstances.

I had to pay a massive Karmic debt myself in this lifetime, so I know at first hand how this works, and I did not enjoy the experience!!   But when it was paid, I felt different and soon after was offered an escape route from the complex situation I was in, which simply was not there a few weeks before.  So I know that this is how it works and is correct.

Nobody of course likes to be on the receiving end, but there was a client some years ago who was in a terrible marriage, married to a man who was actually a psychological torturer for the military, yes, these people do exist.

I tuned into what was going on and quickly got that it was a Karmic situation and a severe one, so this lady was in a desperate state not knowing what to do.  What I got suddenly was that she (as a man in a previous life) had been a professional Witchfinder in the 17th Century and had made a lot of money from feeding the superstitions of the age, and by means of the deceptive tools of his / her trade (knives with blades that retracted into the handles, etc) successfully accused and then brutally tortured and killed many innocent people.

An extreme case, but a good example of the workings of the Lords of Karma in action and of how inventive they can be.  We are not at all as in control of these lives we lead as we might think!!

A final thought, is to mention the religious concept of us only having one life, and the business of “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, etc) the idea put forward that we bring nothing into this life and take nothing away.

At the level of the human vehicle this is correct, but spiritually, nothing could be further from the truth.  What we bring with us is our spiritual and Karmic balance sheet so far, and depending on how we conduct ourselves in this latest life, we depart at the point of human death with either a spiritual / Karmic gain, or if we have lied and cheated our way through, a spiritual and Karmic debit to be settled in some future life and experience.

Someone once described these lives and our painful journey through them (as we slowly work our way back to spiritual enlightenment) as being similar to the board game of “Snakes and Ladders” and I think this is a good analogy.

If you are not aware of the game, you throw a dice and depending on where your playing piece then falls, you either climb ladders (taking you closer to Home) or slide down snakes, which means you have to work your way up the board again.  So there is a similarity.  Helping others and leading a Light life, sees us gaining in positive Karmic points, receiving help when we need it, and moving closer to enlightenment and the wonderful moment when we have reached the point of not needing to reincarnate into a human vehicle any more.

We have learned our lessons and become an enlightened Being and can continue our journey in other realms and realities far more pleasant than here on Mother Earth.

Every dark and or negative life we lead sets us back, so we have further to travel just to get back to where we were before we manifested into this latest vehicle, and many, many souls are unwittingly doing this.  They get sucked into the crazy materialism currently surrounding us, which tells you to trample on others to get what you want and to look after and consider only yourself.  Only to find, when they pass back to Non Physical Reality and have their “wash up” session with their spiritual Guides, that they have effectively gone backwards in this lifetime!

Our religious “leaders” and the corrupt “elite” currently running the globe, have much to answer for.

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